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Bild Paper trimmers accessories

Acessories for ROLL CAT® and TRIM CAT®

6704 0000: Cutting table extension
6713 0000: Cutting mat + cutting table extension + Wave Cut cutting head
6723 0000: Cutting mat + cutting table extension + perforation cutting head
6813 0000: Cutting mat + Wave Cut cutting head

Bild Cutting table extension

Cutting table extension 6704 can be attached by locking it onto the rear edge of the aluminium cutting table. It has scale markings and two adjustable, lock- able paper stops. This extension allows extra-large material to lie flat so that it can be accurately positioned and cut. For use with the ROLL CAT® models: 6726, 6732, 6746, 6752.

Bild Special cutting heads

Special cutting heads are available for processing photos and for other applications in the handicrafts sector. The trimmer’s push-button should be kept pressed when they are being used.
Perforation cutting head
Wave Cut cutting head

Bild cutting head replacement

The cutting heads can be easily replaced without tools by means of the push-buttons at the side.

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