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Form follows function
The motivation, to accomplish the form and functionality of a product with a maximum of aesthetics, finds it utmost recognition through an award.
In the past, MÖBIUS+RUPPERT has accomplished numerous times to receive an award from various independent organisations.



At the international consumer goods exhibition “ambiente” in Frankfurt/M, Germany, the award “Design Plus” is conferred to annually for a selection of special products by notable jurors. The laureates are awarded for having created a trend-setting and exemplary product design which is beyond merely meeting functional requirements.

In 1986 Möbius+Ruppert received the above mentioned award “DESIGN PLUS” for the innovation of a timeless and compact container sharpener with an automatically-closing sharpening opening (blade-closing), as well as for the push-button mechanism opening the upper part.
(Link to external page: http://ambiente.messefrankfurt.com/designplus/de/home.html )

Members of TOP 100


All German middle-sized businesses can take part in the national competition “TOP 100, die 100 innovativsten Unternehmen im Mittelstand” (the 100 most innovative middle-sized businesses) with an innovative product.

An independent panel headed by Lothar Späth (former minister of the German federal land Baden- Württemberg and later CEO of Jenoptik) in his function as mentor judge all products submitted and among those choose the 100 most innovative.

„Das Gütesiegel TOP 100 bestätigt die Innovationsstärke des Unternehmens von wissenschaftlich unabhängiger Seite, das sorgt für Aufmerksamkeit und Imagezuwachs.“
(The seal of quality TOP 100 affirms the innovative capacity of a company by a scientifically independent party, this creates attention and strengthens the positive image) (Source, external Link: http://www.top100.de/)

In 2002, MÖBIUS+RUPPERT participated for the first time in the competition TOP 100 with this innovative cosmetic sharpener, which sharpens pens with an oval profile, and straightaway scored a position among the 100 German most innovative middle sized businesses.

ISPA & Innovation Awards 2006


The ISPA-Award has been presented by the International Stationary Press Association (ISPA) since 1993 for products, which stand out in categories such as innovation, quality, price, presentation and sustainability.

In 2006, MÖBIUS+RUPPERT achieved to receive the first prize in the category “Back to school products” of the “ISPA & Innovation Award” with this closable 3-fold container sharpener “TOP TRIO Swing” .
(Link to external page: http://www.ispanet.org/award.asp )

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